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The Life & Deaths of David Garrick

The Life & Deaths of David Garrick
David Garrick (1717-1779) is one of the most famous and influential actors of all time. His natural and realistic acting style revolutionised performance in the 18th century and he was particularly known for his innovative interpretations of Shakespeare. As manager of the Drury Lane Theatre in London, he was a pivotal figure in the development of new stage practices and he was also one of the leading playwrights of his day. 2017 is the 300th anniversary of Garrick's birth and we are delighted to present an evening celebrating his life and legacy with presentations by two eminent speakers. Laurence Sach will follow the development of the theatre from the restoration of the monarchy in 1660 through to its popular expansion in the 18th century. James Harriman-Smith will speak about death and the legacy of the 18th century actor, with a particular focus on David Garrick and Edmund Kean. What made a good 18th-century stage death? And what did enquiring minds hope to discover when they cut up the dead body of a famous actor?!

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Friday 6 Oct 201719:30