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Scary Play/ Mobile Phone Show

Scary Play/ Mobile Phone Show

The Tuesday and Saturday Georgian Theatre Royal Youth Theatre Middle Classes perform a double bill.

Scary Play by Judith Johnson

The twins are having a birthday sleepover; as night draws in, the group attempts to scare the living daylights out of each other. Kal recounts the legend of a local house, said to be haunted by the ghost of a strange old lady who once lived there. The evening takes a terrifying turn when they challenge each other to sneak into the house, but what is lurking in the upstairs bedroom?

Mobile Phone Show by Jim Cartwright

A communication cacophony, a fully charged chorus line of chaos in a rhapsody of text, tweet and gabble. Jim Cartwright wrote Mobile Phone Show after spending time with young people who explained the significance of their relationships with their phones. With 80% of school age children spending on average 90 minutes a day on their phones, this challenging play explores the vital messages they can send. Performed by the Georgian Theatre Royal Youth Theatre Saturday Middle Group.

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Friday 19 Jul 201919:30