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Beauty & The Beast

Beauty & The Beast

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Friday 4 Dec 202019:00 (Closed)
Saturday 5 Dec 202014:00 (Closed)19:00 (Closed)
Sunday 6 Dec 202013:00 (Closed)17:00 (Closed)
Tuesday 8 Dec 202013:30 (Closed)
Thursday 10 Dec 202010:00 (Closed)13:30 (Closed)
Friday 11 Dec 202010:00 (Closed)13:30 (Closed)
Saturday 12 Dec 202014:00 (Closed)19:00 (Closed)
Sunday 13 Dec 202013:00 (Closed)17:00 (Closed)
Tuesday 15 Dec 202010:00 (Closed)13:30 (Closed)
Wednesday 16 Dec 202010:00 (Closed)13:30 (Closed)
Thursday 17 Dec 202010:00 (Closed)13:30 (Closed)
Friday 18 Dec 202013:30 (Closed)19:00 (Closed)
Saturday 19 Dec 202014:00 (Closed)19:00 (Closed)
Sunday 20 Dec 202013:00 (Closed)17:00 (Closed)
Tuesday 22 Dec 202014:00 (Closed)19:00 (Closed)
Wednesday 23 Dec 202014:00 (Closed)19:00 (Closed)
Thursday 24 Dec 202013:00 (Closed)17:00 (Closed)
Saturday 26 Dec 202014:00 (Closed)19:00 (Closed)
Sunday 27 Dec 202013:00 (Closed)17:00 (Closed)
Monday 28 Dec 202014:00 (Closed)19:00 (Closed)
Tuesday 29 Dec 202014:00 (Closed)19:00 (Closed)
Wednesday 30 Dec 202014:00 (Closed)19:00 (Closed)
Thursday 31 Dec 202013:00 (Closed)
Saturday 2 Jan 202114:00 (Closed)19:00 (Closed)
Sunday 3 Jan 202113:00 (Closed)17:00 (Closed)
Monday 4 Jan 202113:00 (Closed)17:00 (Closed)
Wednesday 6 Jan 202119:00 (Closed)
Thursday 7 Jan 202119:00 (Closed)
Friday 8 Jan 202119:00 (Closed)
Saturday 9 Jan 202114:00 (Closed)19:00 (Closed)
Sunday 10 Jan 202113:00 (Closed)17:00 (Closed)

This age-old tale of true love, bravery and enchantment is perfect for a pantomime to be held in the oldest theatre in the land. Expect the traditional story and characters but - in the Richmond tradition - with plenty of quirky twists and turns. There will also be the usual laugh-out-loud comedy, amazing musical routines and dazzling special effects.

The Georgian Theatre Royal has now produced ten of its own pantomimes and in that time has built up a reputation for staging one of the best Christmas shows around. Sleeping Beauty was chosen by The Observer as one of its top festive shows of 2018, and in 2015, The Telegraph named us as the No.1 place to see a pantomime in the UK. For many families, pantomime at the Georgian is a key part of their festive celebrations and the show appeals to all generations.