• 120mins

HMS (or USS) Pinafore takes this Gilbert and Sullivan classic far forward in time and Space, whilst maintaining the customary traits of mistaken identity, class warfare, quirky characters and lyrical tongue twisters aplenty in this intergalactic caper.

Aboard the United Space Ship (USS) Pinafore, we find two star-crossed lovers, whose affection is blighted by age-old prejudices surrounding class divide. Ralph is a lowly specialist aboard the ship and Josephine is none other than his Captain's daughter, but she is promised in marriage to the politically appointed head of the Federation star fleet, the flamboyant High Counsel Joseph Porter.

As the lovers lament their predicament and plan their escape, a surprise disclosure from an unlikely quarter show that not all is as it seems.

With an array of re-worked songs to better reflect the setting, this dynamic production aims to have you chuckling in your shuttle crafts from start to finish.