Sally Coulthard: ‘A Brief History of the Countryside in 100 Objects’

  • 120mins

Sally Coulthard: A Brief History of the Countryside in 100 Objects

For most of human history, we were rural folk. And yet the history of the countryside is oddly invisible.

In her latest book, Sally Coulthard reveals the fascinating story of rural Britain told through the often surprising objects people left behind. From deer headdresses to dried cats, children’s toys to playing cards, she takes a 12,000-year journey and delves into the hopes, lives and challenges of our ancestors.

Sally Coulthard is a best-selling author of books about rural history and the natural world including The Barn, A Short History of the World According to Sheep and Fowl Play. She also writes a column for Country Living magazine, in which she documents her experiences of raising a gaggle of unruly animals on her smallholding in the Howardian Hills.

Sally will be in conversation with Chris Lloyd, Chief Feature Writer for the Northern Echo and Darlington & Stockton Times and a former Northeast Journalist of the Year.

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