Dominic Kelly: ‘MARA’

  • 120mins

Dominic Kelly

1868. Morten, a discharged soldier, lives on the edge of Sweden’s ancient forests. Suddenly he begins to suffer nightmares and mysterious night visits. He is told he’s plagued by a Mara - a possessed person who oppresses another in their sleep. To free himself, he must discover the Mara’s identity. But who is it?

Entertaining, unsettling and moving, this solo storytelling performance is a whodunit; a dive into the dreamscape of Swedish folklore; a love story and a playful look at our relationship with sleep and what it means to be awake.

Dominic’s warm, witty, immersive storytelling style been described as “Compelling, funny and heart-breaking” (The Times) and “Stunning” (Herald & Post).

A Walking & Book Festival event

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